2. ZOOS OF BERLIN’S wonderful new LP Lucifer in the Rain is finally available with relative ease. We recommend buying from Forced Exposure or finer record stores.

    "Zoos of Berlin are a Michigan band whose urbane but skewed style of art-pop has few immediate peers, though Roxy Music, the Sea & Cake, Destroyer, and Berlin-era David Bowie are clearly in their family tree." -SPIN

    "Detroit’s Zoos of Berlin are an intriguingly odd lot, whose music doesn’t really sound like anything else going on right now. The word I keep coming back to is regal. It is soft-focus but obtuse, a little foppish and often fancy. Still pop music made by guitars and keyboards and drums and voices, but these guys are definitely in their own orbit." - Brooklyn Vegan

    “It’s a stunning LP full of meandering melodies, mellifluous vocal harmonies and song structures that are just slightly askew.” – Decoder

    “porcelain pastiche” – Stereogum

    "Not completely pop, not completely noise experimentation, it is, at its heart, a swath of indie-punk shred, gossamer baroque pop stateliness, expressive jazz penchants, and goosebump-inducing production." - Tiny Mix Tapes

    "They play with pop and jazz elements as components for a steadily cool groove and could very well have hit on the next sound of the century" - Village Voice

  3. advance tix HERE

  4. PAZES’ latest EP is out this week on Time No Place. Head over to FACT Magazine to hear it in full! 

    "This is music for the comedown: ‘Burn Out’ opens the EP with a chilly techno groove; ‘Frozen’ sounds like Chromatics’ ‘Tick of the Clock’ as if performed by Massive Attack; ‘Grace’ surges and pulses, revealing its intricacies on each listen." - FACT Magazine

    "serious layers of spectral haziness" - XLR8R

    "Six songs sit very neatly alongside the sort of ghostly emissions of oOoOO, Four Tet or Holy Other, navigating thru the mists of gauzy garage on ‘Burn Out’ to the side-chained ambient throb of ‘Frozen’ and the Grimes-on-valium vibes of ‘Sleeping Doll’ to bass-heavy slump on ‘Grace’ and the woodblock-punctuated, lost-at-sea loneliness of ‘Winder’." - Boomkat

    “someone’s seriously not joking here” - No Fear Of Pop


  5. new one up from Pazes


  6. from their upcoming LP Lucifer In The Rain - out July 15th on LP and digital

  7. Welcoming Pazes into the fold, his Sleeping Dolls EP for TNP out June 24th. Catch a download of Frozen now at XLR8R.

  8. Rainbow Arabia premieres their first video from FM Sushi on NOWNESS

  10. An exquisite work of slanted pop and cosmopolitan art-rock we are pleased to present Zoos of Berlin’s sophomore long-player Lucifer in the Rain. Endlessly rewarding with meticulous arranged instrumentation and lysergic narratives, the Detroit based outfit’s latest album fully realizes their vision of boundless 21st century pop. Full of twists and turns, it’s easy to be swept from one section of the song to the next without knowing where they begin and end distilling elements glam, jazz, post-punk, bossanova, motorik grooves, electronic ambience, and anything else that will fit; into something wholly unique referencing both the past and future reminiscent of Eno-era Bowie or Roxy Music getting in a room with Broadcast and Tom Ze. Out July 15th on vinyl + digital formats.

    Listen to Open The Wine here